Towne Furniture is located in the heart of downtown Redmond, right on Redmond Way.
It has been the source of quality wood furniture, at the lowest price, for three generations of Seattle Eastside residents.



Gordon Woolslayer opened Towne Furniture in February, 1973 on the corner of Redmond Way and Leary Way. At the time, this intersection was the home of the only traffic signal in Downtown Redmond, so the original ads read, "At the Light!"

Gordon's son, Jeff, started working in the store in September of 1992 when he was 14. Seven years later, Gordon decided he wanted to retire, and made plans to sell the business to Jeff. Also in 1999, there was a fire in the apartments above the store, and it was unknown if the damaged caused by the fire would result in the entire building being condemned while work was done to bring it back up to code.

Due to the uncertainty of whether the store would be able to stay open or not, Gordon and Jeff decided that they should move. Towne Furniture opened on January 2nd, 2000 in a new location and with Jeff as the new owner. The new Location had MANY advantages over the old one, it was approximately 1000 square feet larger, and had a great parking lot. The old store had only 2 parallel parking spots out front! Gordon still likes to hang around, so it's not uncommon for him to be at the store helping out.